Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Behind The Mask

Ladies, gentlemen, friends!

It is a great honour to be a member of this wonderful blog, so allow me to say my "thank you's" first of all before I post the following creations.

So, dilly-dallying aside, let's get straight on to posting! The first are two masks and a pair of goggles. The masks were brought plain and undecorated and were customized by me. Goggles were silver cyber goggles I transformed. We have Lady Venetia who tells her broken time, The Professor with his all-seeing antique glasses, and the Timeless Watcher goggles.

Apologies for the pictures, they are terrible!

And yours truly -

Friday, 24 September 2010

Hello, James et al. This is "OTTO". It's is one of my latest designs. Since I create illuminated objects, I'm always at the mercy of the store-bought incandescent bulbs that are commercially available. It's never easy to work a standard bulb into a design especially since the bulbs are so dull and recognizable. I try to locate the most unusual bulbs and they're getting more difficult to find. To address this, I have begun modding the bulbs themselves. Here I cut away the round, glass envelopes on the CFL bulbs. These bulbs have unusually small spirals and I found them to be very attractive. I also added brass coverings on the bases and industrial porcelain sockets. Thank you for looking.

A little sculpture to kick us off...

I thought I'd brave the choppy waters and start us off by posting the first creation to the club.

"The Tezlar Device - Created for the performance based sideshow act, the Electric sisters, the device allows high voltage currents to be passed through both sisters in a 'shocking' dual electrocution."

The device was created for a photo shoot featuring Scott Chalmers (photographer), Azadeh Brown (Model) and Layla Gordon (model)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Clarification of club titles and exciting news of a steampunk art book

Firstly I would like to clear up a little confusion in the various types of memebership available.

Committee membership is limited to a very small number of artists who have made a significant contribution or mark on the world of steampunk. The committee carry out such duties as voting on possible new club memebrs, voting on club projects, etc.

Memebership is limited to those members who are accomplished artists. They are eligible to take part in club projects, exhibitions, etc. and to display their work and links on the club blog.

Associate membership allows actors, models and other performance based artists to participate in the club. Not strictly as people who produce art as a piece that can be disaplyed but in their own actions as it were.

In other news I have received news that a proposed book on steampunk art will be going ahead. Published one of the UK's leading art publishers and edited by myself.

I am now looking for artists of all types to grace the pages of this humble endeavour with your wonderous creations. Apply now in the comments of this post! (As with all club projects, application to be featured in the book is limited to club memebers. We are however still accepting membership requests!)


James Richardson-Brown