Monday, 26 July 2010

Gathering a good head of steam or a call for artists.

This is the first time and will be the last for awhile that we request artists to apply for membership.

Some committee members have already been chosen but we will need a few more to make up the necessary committee numbers these will be elected by the starting committee from members.

If you would like to be part of this there is no better time to apply than now.

Simply comment in reply to this post with details of who you are a link to your work and what medium(s) you work in.

(Please mention in your post if you would like to be considered for the committee as well as for membership)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Pilots and Pirates, Engineers and Racketeers welcome to the Artificer's Club

A private members club for invited artists only (though we will be running callouts for new members very infrequently). Most club members work either exclusively or almost exclusively in the anachronistic genres, eg. steampunk, dieselpunk, alternative history, etc.

The club has been put together for several reasons.

Firstly, many members receive requests for artists contacts for up and coming projects, some paid and some not. This is an easy way for them to contact artists whose work is of a consistently high standard.

Secondly it allows us all to keep in touch.

Thirdly it allows some screening of what gets posted. Many anachronistic groups on the web now have people posting items that are nothing to do with the genre.

Some people may find this group elitist and I apologise in advance for that but it has become a necessity.

The club is run somewhat in the manner of a Victorian Gentlemans club obviously without the usual gender restrictions.

There are three club membership levels.

The commitee - Seven senior members Who oversee the applications of new members, participate in discussions on the running of the club and deal with any problems.

The Members - full club members eligible to post on the club wall and be considered for upcoming work.

The Associates - People who, though not artists in their own right, have been of such help to the club that they are offered membership.

If you would like to become a member there are two methods of joining.

1) Invitation by an existing member.

2) At various points of the year we will put out a call for applications, keep an eye on the club blog for these occassions.

The club will contain posts by various members displaying their latest artworks, events, etc. So please do follow the blog and enjoy what we hope will become a leading collection of anachronistic artwork.


The Commitee of the Artificer's Club