Monday, 26 July 2010

Gathering a good head of steam or a call for artists.

This is the first time and will be the last for awhile that we request artists to apply for membership.

Some committee members have already been chosen but we will need a few more to make up the necessary committee numbers these will be elected by the starting committee from members.

If you would like to be part of this there is no better time to apply than now.

Simply comment in reply to this post with details of who you are a link to your work and what medium(s) you work in.

(Please mention in your post if you would like to be considered for the committee as well as for membership)


  1. Good afternoon dear sir. My name is Louise, however professionally known as Nitr0gene for my modelling and minor craft skills. My strengths currently lie in painting with which I use acrylic on canvas, mainly with a matte medium.

    My work can be viewed here on Facebook -

    Or here on Deviant Art -

  2. allo allo
    The steampunker and the Gooty Goth gives me a long hard screw for my scribbling prodigy.
    Ones art oeuvre of la risque kind can be delved into on:!/album.php?aid=188914&id=518685013


    Bon Apetite ;)

  3. Hello, old chap!

    You already know me, and you can look at some of my things here:

    I make what ever takes my fancy, out of whatever it takes to do it justice.

    Count me in on all counts!


  4. Hello! I make bespoke costumes and millinery! I dabble in and out of Steampunk though i have some strong examples of what I have done.

    visit my blog

  5. Right all of the above are approved as members forthwith.

  6. well, Im emma as it says and you know,
    and i make jewellery and clotheing and pretty things!/pages/Emma-Brackenbury-Costume-and-Jewellery/279769800667?ref=ts

  7. here is my link to my costume making group

  8. Hi, I make jewelry. Here's a link:

    it's best to view my sold items rather than what's listed. You can also look through my jewelry photo albums on facebook:

  9. all of the above are approved as members forthwith.

  10. Hello, Mr. Richardson Brown. Hope all is well. Here is my link:

  11. P.S. Yes I would be honored to be on the committee :)

  12. As spoken about, I am on board, Sir!

    ~Dr. Grymm

  13. Hi! I am replaying to be considered for the committee as well as membership.
    My name is Jessica Coen. I also go by J.M. Coen or Cordelia O. Graves (my Steampunk persona)
    I work mainly in mixed-media and photography. I am currently working on a new line of Steampunk mixed-media canvases. You can see my work here:
    Thank you for your consideration!

  14. The three above are as of now approved as members. Joey and Art are two of the people selected for the committee from during the sites planning. Jessica I have added you to the list of people who wish to join the committee in the currently vacant places..

  15. I am honored to be accepted as a member. Thank you so much!

  16. Good Afternoon Artificer's Club!

    Thrilled to have found you!
    I create time traveling jewelry to enhance accouterments.

    FB Fan Page:

    Cheers! Shelly

  17. Greetings,

    I am the Emperor of the Red Fork Empire and would greatly enjoy being a member of this wonderful contingent of creative elite. I dare say i would be honored to be chosen to sit on the committee of such a magnificent gathering of individuals. My work can be seen here: (
    I create my masterpieces with assemblage or found objects. I also dabble in electronic media as well as a few other mediums.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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  19. Greetings from the teleothosphere.
    My name is Steve and I'm a visual effects guy and prop maker. I'm currently working on a silent action adventure film set in a decidedly Steampunk era. You can see what I'm about at my film diary here:

    I am applying to be a member.

  20. By the by, if you are also on the book of faces. Feel free to add me.

  21. Thank you all for your details. The committee will now look over the applications and be in contact soon.

  22. Hi, Stephen Chapman here, code name enganear. The best examples of my work may be found on my channel at . I scratch build and modify weapons and other gadgets for the Steampunk genre. I sell some of my wares in the Davenport & Winkleperry Gallery in Pittsboro, NC and I have just uploaded my first item to Etsy. I chaired several panels at Stellarcon on various aspects of steampunk.
    Thanks for the opportunity to apply for membership in this group.
    Most cordially,
    Stephen Chapman

  23. Thank you for your details Stephen. The committee will now look over the application and be in contact soon.

  24. It would appear, sir, that I am now a member. Be aware, be very aware.....
    London representative reporting for duty!

  25. It would be intyeresting to be considered for the Committee, if only one knew exactly what that entailed! Thanks -

  26. I would like to be considered for membership. My wife an I make a variety of steampunk ensembles specializing in Renaissance era Naval Privateer ensembles, but we also do some Victorian civil war or old west ensembles and a lot of Victoriental designs. We also make a lot of post apocalyptic oriented ensembles used primarily for dance and club wear. They are much lighter weight, use less material, few jackets or acoutrement and intended to show post apocalyptic steampunk aesthetic while being practical dancing for several hours straight in a crowded club in a Texas Summer. We were specifically selected to represent the Steampunk community locally in an Asian Art Museum's "Asian Pop Culture Fashion Show" and our ensembles were very well received there. We also make some accessories, but are just starting to work more in wood, leather, and metal. You can see some of our work in the photo section on facebook under the name Ramon Leon del Mar. I also write quite a bit of steampunk fiction (among other things) and we work to use this to make steampunk events and social gatherings more entertaining as either storytellers or sometimes acting out the story. We consider this an important form of performance art and are currently working, not only as costumers, but as playwrights and actors/performers for a locally produced Venetian/steampunk music and comedy production in Dallas, Texas. thanks

  27. ditto mister Frensham, would gladly committee-erise if i new what that entailed.

  28. At your service, Sir James!

    Thank you for the invitation. I'm working on a new piece but actually it's about three new works that I decided would be perfect (perfect???) united as one.

    I'll post some mysterious sketches soon.
    Best Regards, Art Donovan

  29. Hi this is Erazamus Voss vocalist with Black Country Steampunk band Birthrite, our medium is music and we ould very much like to become memmbers.

    See us at or

    We look forward to hearing from you

  30. Hi nice to meet yo0u all and look forward to talking to you in the future

  31. Hi, I'm a painter who is starting to specialise in paintings of Steampunk / goth Subjects, and would like to get involved in the artificers club You can see my work here:

  32. hi there!

    would love to have a hand in this.

    check out images of my degree show here:

    more images can be supplied on request. i will one day create a comic based in this location.

  33. I would like to be considered for membership.
    i make walking stix, lamps, furniture, stair
    spindles from iron nails, screws, engine bolts n studs, camshafts, steel or stainless rebar, textured bars etc.!/pages/twizzlestixcouk/146072548760815?v=wall

  34. Included in my latest post is some steampunk based art that I did on photoshop by piecing bits of stuff that I photographed and pieced together to make different vehicles